2916395257_a056bdbef3School’s out, internship season is upon us, and many liberal arts college students are spending the next few months on small farms as interns. In her New York Times article, “Many Summer Internships are Going Organic”, Kim Severson explores the remarkably high interest in summer farm work among them.

Students from Barnard, Kenyon, Macalester and many other colleges and universities across the country will put down their books, take a break from the internet, and pick up hoes and shears.  Severson believes for these young people “…farm life is a way to act on a growing enthusiasm for locally raised foods, increased concern over food safety and the environmental impact of agriculture.”

Fortunately for gung-ho students, since 2003, there has been a significant increase in the numbers of small sustainable farms in the U.S.  More farms equal more internships!  This year, according to Katherine Adam, the woman in charge of the National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service, funded by the USDA, 1,400 farms needed interns, practically three times the number from two years ago.

If you haven’t secured your summer plans, check out this site or contact farms of interest directly, to find out where you can get your hands dirty, and participate in the growing youth food movement.