logoChiapas Media Project (CMP)/Promedios, an award-winning U.S. and Mexican partnership, enables marginalized indigenous communities in Southern Mexico to create their own media. This past spring, CMP introduced an advocacy campaign entitled Fair Food Across Borders (FFAB). The goal of the campaign is to expose the human rights abuses suffered by migrant agricultural workers in Mexican agribusiness camps.

The highlight of the effort is the new CMP/Promedios video, Paying the Price: Migrant Workers in the Toxic Fields of Sinaloa. The video investigates the impoverished lives of migrant farmworkers from the town of Ayotzinapa, Guerrero. This past spring the FFAB campaign visited campuses across the country including Rutgers University, Ithaca College, New York University, University of New Mexico and University of Oklahoma, among others. In the fall of this year, the FFAB seeks campus sponsors to host presentations given by National Campaign Coordinator, Melody Gonzalez, which include a screening of Paying the Price and a discussion about the role of agribusiness and internal migration in Mexico, NAFTA, farmworker conditions in the U.S., and corporate consumer responsibility.

Invite FFAB to your campus this Fall!