Farm workers feed the world and must continue to do so under fair living and working conditions.

Students throughout the United States are participating in Farm Worker Awareness Week happening NOW (March 30 – April 4).  Students have organized Cesar Chavez-like marches, as well as replicas of living conditions for many farm workers, discussion panels, film screenings and community service volunteer days.   These events are excellent opportunities for students to create awareness in their local and national communities about violations of farm worker rights.

Farm work is the third most dangerous job in the United States, and the people who plant and harvest fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the country lack many basic worker rights that others take for granted.  Overtime, unemployment insurance, and even the right to join a union are not guaranteed under federal law to most farm workers in the United States.  We are connected to farm workers daily because we all consume food–much of it planted and harvested by them. Yet farm workers remain largely invisible and continue to live and work in unacceptable conditions.

For more information about National Farm worker Awareness Week and for a calendar of events coordinated by students around the country focused on these issues, check out the Student Action with Farm workers website.