The Real Food Challenge is competing for $10,000 that will support their campaign and your work to redirect food purchasing on college campuses nationwide AND you can help them win!

Colleges and Universities in the US spend over $4 billion on food every year. High schools spend even more! The Real Food Challenge works with students to make sure that our schools buy food that is good for us, good for the environment, and good for the workers who get food to our plates–real food. That means less diabetes in our communities; more local family farmers on the land; new green businesses; and schools which embrace a sustainable future and social justice for all. Created by youth, for youth, the Challenge is building a national network of young leaders ready to tackle one of the most important issues of our generation: our food.

To vote for the Real Food Challenge, check out: ideablob.com; a place where entrepreneurs and small business owners can share and grow their business ideas – and have a chance to win $10,000 that is put towards making the idea a reality.  Eligible individuals can submit their business ideas to ideablob.com, and based on the number of votes an idea recieves from the ideablob.com online community – which includes other innovators as well as friends, family, colleagues, associates, teachers and mentors –one idea every month will win $10,000.

So, go to the websiteRegister (they won’t spam you!).  And VOTE for the Real Food Challenge!