In their most recent issue, GOOD Magazine, a supporter of Slow Food USA, put together a list of 1,565 reasons to vote this year.  Of course the list runs the gamut from typical go vote battle cries as well as historical tidbits that remind everyone about how far the US has come allowing everyone the right to vote.  But the list also includes a number of food related reasons why those in support of a political re-awakening to the world food crisis should go out and vote.

#2:  Arugula prices at Whole Foods aren’t going to lower themselves.

#85:  You’re going to have an Election Night party, and it’s going to seriously undercut your credibility as host if you say you were too busy making humanely raised, antibiotic – free chicken wings and organic guacamole to get to your polling station.

#930:  Michael Pollan says, “Over the last eight years, the government has taken steps to radically curtail our liberties and erode some of the bedrock principles of our republic – from undermining habeas corpus to conducting torture in our name.  To decline to vote is to tacitly accept the administration’s redefinition of the republic; to vote for a new government this fall is to reject that and, we can hope, begin to roll it back.

#1558:  Barak Obama has praised community – supported agriculture and promised to implement federal policy to promote small – scale, locally supported farms.  He also calls for a funding boost to support small farms’ organic certification.  McCain’s agri – policies don’t explicitly repeat the local – sustainable model.

And if nothing else, go vote to counteract this horrifying fact:
#101: 20 percent of NYU students polled recently said they’d give up their right to vote in 2008 for an iPod touch.

Vote.  Vote for whomever you believe is the best choice for the next President of the United States of America.  Vote!