Slowly but surely, all the current chapters of Slow Food on Campus have been reporting in to the Slow Food USA national office in Brooklyn about their plans for fall programs and events on campus.  It’s exciting to see how Slow Food on Campus is developing and what creative ideas all of you are coming up with to spread Slow Food’s mission for ‘good, clean and fair’ food for everyone!

Slow Food Boston University is working on collaborating with other local universities in the Boston area to work collectively on educating each other and the larger community about food justice while also enjoying the delicious taste of fall.  Students from Boston University, Harvard, Boston College and Simmons joined together for an Eat – In on Harvard Yard.  Students at Boston University are also planning tasting workshops, trips to local schools for tours of on – campus gardens and speaker engagements, along with a bike trip to a local orchard for apple picking followed by a bake – off.  Boston University students are certainly planning to take full advantage of the fall harvest to explore local foods and their producers while also continuing to educate themselves and their community about food issues.

From the Midwest, Slow Food Carleton College is focusing on an array of programs, focusing not only on taste workshops but also education and community enrichment. Carleton students are planning to partner with international clubs and foreign language programs to develop tastings and cultural workshops that will expand their appreciation of traditions beyond Minnesota.  Carleton students are also planning to work with a local children’s organization to coordinate cooking classes and tastings for youngsters.  Slow Food Carleton members will also cook together regularly and hope to start a “Food Buddies” program to create delicious comfort foods to students during exam periods.  Carleton students are making great strides towards diversifying their plans this fall to include educational opportunities for not only themselves but their community as well.

Slow Food Hampshire College is planning to unite all 5 of the schools in their consortium through the goodness of Slow Food.  Students involved with Slow Food Hampshire are planning a potluck eat – in, that will highlight local producers including those at the on – campus farm.  Hampshire students are also working on a film festival that will help entice students that are not already familiar with Slow Food while also further educating current members.  Slow Food Hampshire is focusing their work this fall on uniting their local community around the harvest with tasty educational programs.

Overall, Slow Food on Campus chapters are developing innovative projects and events this fall that will help solidify their presence on campus and in their local community.  The Slow Food national office is energized by these awesome projects and the other plans from Slow Food on Campus chapters around the country.  This is a great start to what we all hope will be a fantastic year of working towards a more sustainable food system.