Are you looking for a way to feel like you’re really contributing to the larger conversation about food justice?  Are you interested in finding ways to work with organizations that are promoting concrete actions to address the food crisis?  Do you want to feel like you are not just talking the talk but also walking the walk?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, check out the following opportunities to act.

The US Working Group on the Food Crisis has issued a Call to Action statement encouraging every passionate food activist to sign!
“We the undersigned, call on people across the United States to use our political power and actions to fight for food system changes that:
1)    Stabilize prices for farmers and consumers globally.
2)    Rebalance power in the food system.
3)    Make agriculture environmentally sustainable.
4)    Guarantee the right to healthy food by building local and regional food systems and fostering social, ecological and economic justice.”

The US Working Group on the Food Crisis also encourages you to take action in many ways in your community and across the country.
•     Contact your elected officials to demand policies that support a fair food system.  The first 100 days of the new administration will be an especially important time to set a new course.
•     Write op-ed pieces and letters to the editor of your newspaper.
•     Host an event to educate and mobilize your community.
•    Join local or national organizations for a fair food system.
•    Get involved with the US Working Group on the Food Crisis.
For more information or to endorse the Call to Action or for more information check out

At a recent World Hunger Year (WHY) event in NYC, the organization came up with a list of ‘Actions to End the Food Crisis’, that are particularly encouraged between now and Thanksgiving.
First and foremost, WHY encourages everyone to educate themselves and their communities about the complex issues contributing to world hunger.
WHY also suggest contacting you local elected representative to ask what they are doing to address the food crisis, while also suggesting policies that need their support.
Write an op-ed or letter to the editor at a newspaper or magazine that has either covered food issues or you think should to contribute to the growing food justice awareness.
And, take control of your food choices by growing some portion of what you consume or choosing to support local producers at markets in your area.

Whatever you choose to do, DO SOMETHING.  It’s time for the youth of this country and the world to take control of their future and demand that food issues be addressed locally, nationally and internationally.  How will you join the movement?