According to Rock the Vote there are 44 million eligible young voters.  And there are almost as many reasons to vote this year, including some that involve good, clean and fair food. 

The WhoFarm (The White House Organic Farm Project) is one organization leading a movement to “respectfully request that our 44th President oversee the planting of an organic farm on the grounds of The White House”.  The WhoFarmers  are  advocating for an interactive and educational farm on the White House lawn that will incorporate members of the community into the growing and harvesting of food for the President ‘s table and local citizens in the Washington D.C. area.  To gather support for their petition to the next President, The WhoFarm is currently traveling the country in the WhoFarmMobile, two school buses fused together with an organic edible garden on the roof.  

Consider having The WhoFarmers and The WhoFarmMobile visit your campus to rally support for farmers and voting in general.

Their tentative travel schedule is:Los Angeles Sept 16-21

Sedona, AZ Sept 23-24

Flagstaff, AZ Sept 25-26

Albuquerque/Santa Fe Sept 27-Oct 2

Austin, TX Oct 3-6

New Orleans, LA Oct 7-10

Birmingham, AL Oct 11-12

Atlanta / Athens, GA Oct 13 -15

Asheville, NC Oct 16-17

REST STOP Oct 18-19

New York City Oct 20-Nov 1

Washington, DC Nov 2-10

If your interested contact them at

Another organization, Kitchen Gardeners International is auctioning off 1’ x 1’ virtual parcels of the White House lawn on eBay to support “the digging of a new food garden in 2009”.  The auction is meant to draw attention to the Kitchen Gardeners International ‘Eat the View’ campaign, which advocates for planting Victory Gardens across America to shift the food consciousness of Americans.

Also, check out the Food Declaration that was unveiled at Slow Food Nation. The Food Declaration is meant to provide the food movement with a framework by which to move forward and advocate for better food policies by the US government.  The document contains 12 principles that the undersigned believe should frame food and agriculture policy.

Whether or not you choose to support any of these efforts to encourage food consciousness in the next White House, VOTE!  You can register to vote online at Rock the Vote.