Are you looking for a new campaign to support with your Slow Food on Campus chapter?  Slow Food USA is excited about the Real Food Challenge,, an awesome opportunity for college students across the country to join a national effort to redirect the $4 billion spent by colleges and universities on food each year to real food, food that is healthy, community – driven, ecologically sound, socially responsible and humane.

The Real Food Challenge kicks off with a national month of action from September 21st to October 21st in support of Real Food Now!  This is an incredible opportunity to draw national attention to the strength and diversity of the growing student food movement, while also providing students with chance to take action locally by planning and implementing actions to encourage change to their campus food system.

Check out the website. 

Consider taking advantage of this national month of action by doing something proactive as a way to promote your Slow Food on Campus chapter and the rest of the awesome events you have planned for this fall.

Register your action. 

And, tell each other what you’re doing. 

Whatever you choose to do, with Real Food Challenge or another campaign, we want to hear about it!  Share you’re ideas with each other to help continue to strengthen the youth food movement!