As the new Slow Food in Schools Program Assistant, I am excited to join the activist spirit of my generation in an international effort to make ‘Good, Clean and Fair’ food accessible to everyone.  I have been interested in sustainable agriculture, food justice and increased awareness of environmental concerns for a number of years but became passionate about these issues after going abroad to Australia during college.  While studying in Oz and experiencing the culture, it became apparent that local, seasonal, organic and sustainable sources of agriculture were available to, and inherently utilized, by a larger number, and wider range, of people than I had ever seen before.  It was natural to wander through a market, or venture into my yard to harvest produce for a meal.  I was impressed and inspired.

Since my return from Australia, I have become hyper aware of the larger conversation.  Increased media attention in newspapers (The New York Times), magazines (GOOD and Orion) and books (The United States of Arugula, Harvest for Hope: A Guide to Mindful Eating, and Appetite for Change: How the Counterculture Took on the Food Industry); speaking engagements by chefs (Ina Pinkney), and farmers (Amy Hepworth), young and old; and interactive experiences, tasting’s, cooking classes and farmer’s markets; have all contributed to heightened awareness and opportunities for everyone to join the discussion. 

I encourage all of you, active and inactive, aware and unaware, educated and undereducated, to join the movement.   What do you want to know about Slow Food on Campus?  What do you want to know about other chapters of Slow Food on Campus?  What do you hope to accomplish this year as a Slow Food on Campus chapter?  What food writing are you reading?  What tasty movies are you watching?  Is there a speaker coming to your campus?  How can we all help each other become successful leaders and participants in the youth food movement? I invite you all to use this blog to ask questions, share information, and challenge each other in your personalized contribution to the national and international Slow Food movement.