Exciting news both for participants already anticipating Terra Madre 2008 and those of us who are going to be stuck back in the States, dreaming of Turin: each Earth Seminar to be held at the conference now has an online forum to generate discussion about the topic it addresses. Once you’ve registered yourself (at http://www.terramadre.info/pagine/incontri/welcome.lasso?id=4E98738E112a418798nopL41EB5F&tp=3) you can join and comment on as many of the threads as you’d like. Definitely check out the “New Networks” forum, which is geared specifically towards the youth food movement. It’s exciting to realize that younger members are recognized as an important part of the Slow Food community, and it’s time to make our voices heard as the future of this movement. This forum can be an important place to encounter other young activists, share ideas, challenge each other, and talk seriously about what this movement is, what it can and will be. Let’s talk!