Here’s an event update from Slow Food Princeton!

Slow Food Princeton hosted Chris Quartuccio, owner and founder of Blue Island Shellfish Farm and Chef Jim Elowson on February 10 for a comprehensive oyster tasting, combining education and cuisine on a wintry Sunday afternoon at Princeton University.
16 members listened to Chris while he gave a brief presentation about his Blue Island Shellfish Farm, which is on Long Island. Chris then went over the history of the oyster in Long Island Sound. After explaining current production methods for cultivating oysters, he brought out examples of equipment used for farming. We saw some photos of the oyster farm, which supplies high-end restaurants in Manhattan such as Per Se and Oceana, and students were given an opportunity to ask questions (who knew oysters, aside from being a delicacy amongst shellfish, were sustainably farmed?).
After the presentation, Chef Elowson led us through a wonderful tasting of three preparations. He had prepared a common recipe of oyster stew from 1694, reading it to us first to show us the old language of recipes, with phrases like ‘take water of oisters’ or ‘add whight wine in your stewage.’
Next, he gave us a more modern preparation: Oysters Rockefeller. We then ate raw oysters on the half shell – salty East Coast Blue Point oysters courtesy of Chris’ own farm, creamy, sweet Kumamoto oysters from member Yuanbo Liu’s oyster farm in Newport, Oregon, and fresh Fany Bay oysters from Canada, garnished with a modified mignonette sauce a la melon and cucumber. Delicious!