There are countless ways for campus convivia to take part in the Slow Food movement. Here are a few ideas for events, should your brainstorming ever need a nudge.

1. Potlucks. They are not just for church groups. A potluck is a great way to forge community and practice the principles of Slow Food with others. Be sure to invite nonmembers!

2. Organize a tasting of something available in your area. Honey varietals, apples, tomatoes, cured meats, breads, cheeses, chocolates, gelato, nuts–there are many possibilities.

3. Take a trip to a local farm, aviary, dairy, orchard, or bakery. See how it works.

4. Show a film. Fast Food Nation and Super Size Me are solid places to start. Also try Combustible Chef, Range, The True Cost of Food, and The Future of Food. Don’t be afraid to explore other titles.

5. Ark of Taste. Check out this list and see what food items have been boarded in your food nation. Pick one, such as American artisanal cider or tennis ball lettuce, and talk about it–past, present, future.

Remember, these are just places to start. Feel free to share other ideas, and take pictures to send us.