Community Food Security Coalition is pleased to announce its two upcoming meetings:

12th annual Conference, scheduled for October 4-8, 2008 outside Philadelphia ( Cherry Hill, NJ)
– More details will be provided on this event as they become available.

Membership Meeting, November 11-12, 2007 Jekyll Island, Georgia.

-Held in a retreat setting along the beautiful Georgia coast, an hour from Jacksonville, FL, this event will be a different kind of meeting than CFSC has done in the past. Limited to 150 participants, it will be a more interactive and reflective meeting.

We want to engage you in thinking about and planning for the future of the community food security movement. We want your help in developing a common vision for our future direction.

We also want to engage you in thinking and planning for the future direction for CFSC, as a steward of the broader movement. How can our work promote, catalyze, and support an invigorated movement at all levels? CFSC is undertaking a strategic planning process, with a goal of making the organization more sustainable, inclusive, and responsive to members. This meeting is an integral part of that process.

We will be looking for your feedback at this meeting: to help us define our niche, to help shape the structures by which we gain membership input into our activities, and to shape our programs and committees. We encourage you to join existing member committees, or to create new working groups on the topics you feel are most important to the movement and your work.

The meeting is open to CFSC members. Non-members can join when they register. Registration starts on September 17th and closes on October 23rd.

See for more details.

Contact our office at 310-822-5410, or with any questions