Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH to the rest of us) is a genetically engineered hormone injected in dairy cows in order to increase milk production. Produced by Monsanto and sold under the name Posilac, rBGH is said to up the amount of milk produced by 8-17%. Sounds good, right? Wrong. Numerous problems, from increased risk of cancer in humans to deplorable living conditions on factory dairy farms, are attributed to rBGH. Learn more about rBGH and its effects, the current legal battles over rBGH labeling, and where to find organic and rBGH free dairies here.

Now that you’re informed, what can you do? Get rBGH off your campus.

First, Ask. Find out if the dairy on your campus is rBGH free. If your supplier doesn’t advertise their products as rBGH free, chances are the hormone is being used. Producers are not required to label products containing this harmful hormone.

Second, Act. Make your voice heard. Organize a group of students to meet with Dining Service staff and Administration. Get fact sheets for students and staff, as well as a state by state list of rBGH producers, AND a student activist kit from Food and Water Watch.

Third, Agitate. Don’t take no for an answer. Inform students, faculty, and staff about the use of rBGH products on your campus and encourage them to speak up as well.

Fourth, Appreciate. Sit back, relax, enjoy your rBGH free milkshake and think about all the cows you’ve helped make happier.